TOP 12 Interview Tips for Nurses – Making an interview work for you


1.      Research the nursing home and be prepared with a “good” level of knowledge. Take a look at the most recent HIQA report in Ireland and CQC report for the UK. You don’t need to know gross margins for the nursing home for the past 8 years, but you should know enough to show the interviewer that you respect the opportunity and you respect their time.

2.      The second interview tip for nurses is, be on time, with a clean, well-presented copy of your CV (which we can assist you with) – I know this sounds simple but you would be surprised at how many people don’t leave 10 minutes early in order to get there 10 minutes early!

3.      Dress the part – business-like and professional no matter how groovy the Nursing Home is or how the Manager interviewing you present themselves.

4.      Be kind to every employee you meet – the receptionist, yes, but also the parking lot attendant, the janitor, etc. Keep in mind that your interview starts the moment you leave the house. You would not be the first person to honk your horn at the car in front and then make a gesture at them as you pass them, only to be sitting in front of them 20 minutes later in an interview.

5.      Think of JFK – ask not what the Nursing Home can do for you, answer instead “What can I do for this Nursing Home?”

6.      Stay on point. Don’t go into a half-hour long discussion on the relative merits of Mozart and Beethoven, the reason you love/hate your favourite sports team. The interviewer does not want your life story, they want to know your nursing capabilities.

7.      This is our favourite of the interview tips for nurses. “Bad mouth thee, bad mouth me.” Whenever you trash-talk your former or current employer, guess what the interviewer thinks? “Oh boy, if we hire this nurse, I’m next on her firing line!” Never, ever, say bad, mean, unkind, or even true things if it makes you look like a prospective ingrate or gossip.

8.      Try and leave the money talk out of the interview. Focus on the job, your ability to contribute, and all the great things you can provide. We will have discussed the salary with you before the interview and please remember it is in our best interest to get you the highest salary possible.

9.      Thank the interviewer for their time and ask questions – again, this shows good manners and good sense. We can advise you as to the type of questions you can ask, we have a list of over 100.

10.  Let the employer know how interested you are at the end of the interview, and your intention to accept if offered.

11.  Send a follow-up e-mail – thank the interviewer again and reiterate (very briefly) what you discussed and how you can contribute. This serves as a good memory jog to the interviewer of your conversation and reminds them of the points you want them to make for you in the hiring meeting.

12.  There are a variety of different interview types you could end up having. Ranging from a full-on competency base interview to what we call the cup of tea interview and everything in between. We can fully advise you on all these different interview types and we can normally let you know the type of interview you can expect to have with a Nursing Home we work with.


We are always looking to be able to assist nurses with the most up to date information, if you have any INTERVIEW TIPS FOR NURSES that you feel we should add please send them to us.


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