The perfect Nurse CV

When you are applying for a Nursing Position what is the initial thing that distinguishes you from your competition, at the first stage of the process that is only one thing “YOUR CV”.

So why is it that so many nurses don’t take this step of the process seriously, presenting CVs with no real details, not geared towards the actual job you are applying for, and containing no information that separates you from your competition.

Basically, when I read most of the CVs I receive, I feel the nurses are not taking their move seriously.

So, let’s get ready to take this step seriously and create a CV that will separate you from the competition.

  1. Make sure your CV is targeted to the actual position you are applying for.


  1. Put in a personal profile explaining
    1. Why you are looking to make the move
    2. Why you want to work for the company
    3. What makes you a good nurse for this position?
    4. Essentially what separates you from all the other nurse


  1. Within the education you only need to list your third level qualifications, based on the fact that you have a third level qualification the assumption will be made that you have a second level qualification.


  1. Many nurses have completed additional training and courses, which you will need to highlight as this can really separate you from the competition. You should have this in a separate section of the CV, so it doesn’t get lost within the education section of your CV.


  1. When you move onto the experience section of your Nurse CV you need to make sure you highlight the experience you have that relates to the Nurse position you are applying for. Don’t randomly just list duties and responsibilities, and make sure you focus on the job you are applying for and not the positions you have had in the past.


Now you know what to do, where to start, and sometimes starting is the hardest part. With this in mind we built our nurse specific CV Builder which can assist you in building the perfect Nurse CV in less than 30 min.

Just go to Nurse CV Builder to start the process, and if you are working with PCQ Healthcare we will make sure that the first step in the process is that you have the perfect CV.


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