How to achieve the B grade with OET within 6 months.

At PCQ Healthcare we have been helping European Nurses since January 2016 to pass IELTS and since 2017 we have been helping European Nurses pass the OET

When we started it was all trial and error, first we sourced a cheap online platform that provided online on demand courses, IT DIDN’T WORK, then we provided self-study materials and tried to motivate nurses with constant phone calls, IT DIDN’T WORK, then we hired teachers, designed courses which were delivered live online to groups of 6 nurses, IT DIDN’T WORK,  but after almost 3 years we have worked it out and it’s a combination of everything we tried. 

With the busy schedule a nurse has, and their limited finance, you need a flexible, on demand system, but you also needed accountability and guidance, you needed to know how you were doing, are you focusing in the right area, completing the right tasks, studying the right things and ultimately is it all working. 

Well like I said, the solution came from a combination of all 3. 

  1. Online On Demand

PCQ Healthcare have spoken to thousands of Nurses who have prepared and sat the OET and based on these conversations we recommend the leading OET preparation online platform E2Language online on demand self-study platform which should be used in conjunction with our tailored 6 Months to a B OET program.

  • Tutor lead classes

Together with your self-study we recommend 1.5 hours per week of tutor lead classes, these should be small class sizes of no more than 6 students and should be delivered hand in hand with your online and self-study program. 

From these classes you should be assigned tasks from the platform which should be graded weekly by your tutor and your progress should be continuously measured.

This will give you both accountability and guidance which we also learnt was essential. 

  • Self-study

When you sign up for a paid account on the E2Language platform All candidates will have a 6 month self-study plan created, this program will involve 8 hours of study time per week and should be tracked with you by your tutor, making you accountable to someone, which we learnt is an essential requirement.

  • Practice Test

Practice makes perfect was never a truer saying, we learnt that for a nurse to be successful they needed to understand what they were doing, what will be expected from them and how to best give the best answers giving them the best chance to achieve the required the grade.  

Through the online platform you will complete weekly practice test in the areas of

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Listening

You should also arrange to receive a monthly practice test with your tutur in

  • Speaking

All practice test should be checked and you should receive a full assessment on what you have done wrong, which will include feedback as to where you need to focus more effort.

Once you are achieving B Grades in all your practice tests your OET Exam should be booked, you should arrange to receive a 30 minute pre-test review 48 hours before you test time to ensure all is good.

If you are

  • a qualified Nurse
  • interested in working in the UK or Ireland

 We can work with you to put this program together

Expected Investment

This all needs to be affordable,

In order to make the program affordable we will speak to our partners to make  it possible to pay for it on a Monthly basis. 

The Monthly cost which includes everything would be approx. €175 and will be charged in 4 week intervals and this will include everything. 

This program is only available to Nurses through PCQ Healthcare, if interested please fill in your details on the application form and we will be in touch with you within 48 hours.


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